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About Us

 Sjomatkompaniet was established in 2014, and is today primarily focused on sales and processing of salmon. Vi deliver to customers in Norway, as well as Europe, North-America and Asia. The company has had a substantial growth every year since the beginning. This is underlined by the first place in the Gaselle grading for 2017 in our region. The growth has continued since then, and we are aiming to establish ourselves in new markets throughout the world. A big part of the reason that we have been able to grow the way we have, is that we have great collaboration partners in every part of our value chain, that we have established a personal relation to. In addition to that, we are extremely service minded, and works very hard every day to be able to do quick deliveries of fish of the right quality to competitive prices. We are available day and night, and are in that way always available for our customers and partners.

With an extensive network, we deliver salmon in all qualities, sizes and varieties, all adapted in close dialogue with our customers. We can deliver salmon as whole fish, in portions and as filets, and we are also delivering smoked salmon of great quality. We are involved in all refining ourselves, and by that we control the whole value chain. This benefits our customers in the end.

Localized in the middle of the Norwegian coast line, we can through our network deliver other products of other types of fish, for example trout, cod, pollock, haddock, bacalao and dried cod. We appreciate all inquiries, and are able to offer almost everything in seafood, both in combination with salmon, and as freestanding orders.