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Copium Coin will also be launched around the same time, debuting its exchange listing with Uniswap. You can stake your Copium Coins and Investor earn crypto rewards Pass in the Copium Staking Platform, which is expected to go live after the launch of the Investor Pass NFT collection and Copium Coins.

copium protocol

For the longest time, crypto mining was confined to the well-off who could afford the mammoth resources it demands. By combining cryptocurrencies and NFTs, Copium Mining is able to provide the general public with access to enticing investment options while building its own infrastructure. To get involved with the pre-mint, simply head over to the early registration page, listed at the top of the project’s website. These mining contracts tend to have expiration dates and are likely to underperform when the cryptocurrency industry is bearish, such as we are experiencing during Q3 2022. The project will begin its protocol launch phase by releasing the Copium Protocol Investor Pass NFTs.

The Tokenomics of Copium Coin

Focused on laying the groundwork for decentralized mining investments, Copium Protocol will soon release an NFT pool to raise funds for business expansion. It distinguishes itself because it allows consumers to passively invest in cryptocurrency mining. If you exit a time-locked staking contract early, you will have to forfeit all the interest accrued by your staked assets. The protocol buys back Copium Coins from the open market using the revenue generated by the Copium Mining facility. In essence, Copium Investor Pass NFTs and Copium Coins are indirect investments in Copium Mining. The platform has well-defined staking and burning mechanisms in place to distribute a share of the revenue generated from the upgraded infrastructure to investors.

Even if you are new to cryptocurrencies and crypto mining, the platform promises to help you make a profit from the ecosystem. It eliminates the restrictions of cloud mining, providing investors with a straightforward, easy-to-use solution. While most cloud mining platforms succeeded in lowering the initial investment barrier to crypto mining, the technical barrier remained too high for everyday investors to break in. It promised to decentralize crypto mining, empowering anyone to remotely join crypto mining pools for a basic cost with little to no technical knowledge.

After the Investor Pass has been successfully launched, the Staking Platform will be made available to the public. This platform will be a non-custodial one, which means that users will keep full ownership rights to the assets they stake. If you’ve ever been interested in earning a passive income through cryptocurrency mining, then Copium Protocol is certainly a project for you to take a deep dive into. Therefore, they can leverage their existing relationship in the industry to purchase the mining equipment at wholesale prices.

Copium Mining Presale: What You Need to Know?

Copium Mining has a successful long-term track record of operation in the mining industry and has a respected reputation in the New Zealand cryptocurrency mining circuit. The 10,000 NFTs will be sold through a Dutch Auction via the project’s website, and the auction will start at a price of 3.5 ETH. However, as previously mentioned, the first 2000 people that register their interest through the website portal will receive a guaranteed mint spot at a lower, fixed price of 3 ETH. All NFT holders are entitled to receive an exclusive Copium Coin airdrop, will receive higher staking rates, and can claim a daily allocation of Copium Coin. The staking dashboard allows you to check the interest rates and potential earnings before you sign the staking contract. Since the platform is noncustodial, you retain the ownership of your assets during the staking period.

  • It gets all of its power from a surplus of hydroelectricity that is fully green and comes from renewable sources in the area – ensuring the environmental impact of NFTs is at a minimum.
  • This eliminates the need for procuring hardware or hash power on a rental basis, thereby being economical and environmentally friendly in the long run.
  • These mining contracts tend to have expiration dates and are likely to underperform when the cryptocurrency industry is bearish, such as we are experiencing during Q3 2022.
  • As Copium Mining expands its infrastructure, it brings some attractive investment opportunities to the public, leveraging cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

Regardless of what the price of Copium Coin does at any given point, all investors will have the opportunity to keep their coins for a period of two years. On November 9, 2022, the NFT collection will go up for sale with a total of 10,000 tokens and will be available for purchase. NFT holders will have access to a wide variety of perks, including 10,000 Copium Coins per pass bearer.

What role does Copium Mining play when you look at the bigger picture of the Copium Protocol ecosystem? The amount received from the presale of the Copium Protocol Investor Pass collection is being used to improve the mining capabilities of the company by beefing up the infrastructure. As a result of its existing relationships with major manufacturers, it can purchase large numbers of the most recent, energy-efficient miners at wholesale prices. Copium Protocol is a new crypto mining investment ecosystem that has been creating waves in the market since its project announcement.

While the price of one NFT will be 3.5 ETH upon launch, early registrants will be able to get them for 3 ETH. Because Copium Coin is an ERC-20 token, it may be stored in any wallet that supports Ethereum as long as it has sufficient space. Over time, as the ecosystem matures, the supply of Copium Coin will only ever decrease, making it much more scarce.

Copium Mining

As can be seen, the Copium Protocol utilizes a novel strategy in order to make cryptocurrency mining accessible to a wider audience. This eliminates the need for procuring hardware or hash power on a rental basis, thereby being economical and environmentally friendly in the long run. According to the coin network,  the funds raised from the sale of Investor Passes will be used to modernize the Copium Mining Facility’s infrastructure and machinery. Copium Coins will be purchased on the open market and transferred directly to a burn address using the facility’s daily mining earnings. In exchange for potentially lucrative returns, you have the option to stake the Copium Coin holdings you own throughout both locked and unlocked time periods. The locked time of the chosen staking contract will determine the range of possible interest rates that can be applied.

copium protocol

In spite of the ups and downs that the market, it encourages investors to continue staking their Copium Coin holdings and Investor Pass NFTs. It serves a broad variety of utilities in the ecosystem, which will be revealed as the platform develops and improves over time. https://www.xcritical.in/ Facilitating the staking reward structure that is essential to the ecosystem will be the primary responsibility of the Copium Coin once it is released. The funds will be used to purchase bulk quantities of the latest and most power-efficient generation of miners.

The software guarantees that it will assist you in generating a profit from the network, even if you have no prior experience with digital currency or crypto mining. Investors get an uncomplicated solution that is simple to use because it removes the limits imposed by cloud mining. The firm Copium Mining, which is based in New Zealand and mines cryptocurrencies, serves as the primary focus of this initiative. The deflationary mechanism goes a long way in sustaining the value of the token in the market in the long term. It encourages investors to stake their Copium Coin holdings and Investor Pass NFTs despite the ups and downs in the market. The Copium Protocol ecosystem has four pillars — Copium Coin, Copium Investor Pass, Copium Mining, and Copium Staking.

copium protocol

Since the early stages of its roadmap, Copium Protocol has generated high interest from the NFT and crypto markets. It does not adhere to conventional cloud mining and seeks to fully decentralize cryptocurrency mining by utilizing an innovative strategy. In addition, the daily demand for Copium Coin will remain stable through the purchases made from the daily mining revenue at Copium Mining. Both of these factors are set to ensure that Copium Coin should continue to rise in price over the long term. Also worth noting is that Copium Coin will be a deflationary asset due to the profitability of the mining facility.

How to buy the Investor Pass pre-mint?

The funds will be used to upgrade the hardware and infrastructure at the Copium Mining facility in New Zealand. The great thing about the Investor Pass NFT sale is that all the funds raised through selling the NFTs are entirely invested back into the Copium Protocol ecosystem. However, there are only 2,000 spots available for the pre-mint white list, so you will need to be quick to register your interest. The first 2000 people to pre-register via the pre-mint link published on the Copium Protocol website are eligible for the discount. Copium Investor Pass NFT collection will be launched via a Dutch auction scheduled for early-mid October. While the price of each NFT will start at 3.5 ETH, you can get them for a discounted price of 3 ETH by registering early.

In addition, 3% will be added to the liquidity, 0.7% will be donated to the project team, and 5% will be sold during the presale. If the company continues to acquire the coin and then destroy it, they anticipate that it will have a significant deflationary effect. The deflationary mechanism aims at preserving the value of the token over the course of the market’s lifetime.

Well, Copium Mining will remove this stigma and show the world that the industry can be powered using renewable energy – setting a new standard for all mining facilities to live up to. Over time, the ecosystem turns Copium Coin into a deflationary asset, making it more scarce with a reduced supply. The team will implement the Copium Staking Platform following the successful release of the Investor Pass NFT sale. The Staking Platform will allow Copium Coin holders to stake their assets in exchange for a varying, high-yield interest rate. As a result, the self-sustaining ecosystem provides daily demand for the Copium Coin and also turns it into a deflationary asset.